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Getting Into NYC High-School: Updated for 2020!

Date: October, 25 2019 Author: Alina Adams

UPDATED FOR 2020! Getting Into New York City High-School can be an 18 month long process that regularly drives over 70,000 8th graders and their parents nearly over the edge. 2020 is promising to be the toughest year yet, with multiple changes on the horizon, including a proposal to change admissions to SHSAT schools, get rid of Screened schools, and no more Round 2!

Because NYC has only a handful of zoned high-schools, students can apply to programs of their choice all over the city. But it’s a daunting task to tackle on your own, especially when the process for applying even to public school only isn’t standardized, with different deadlines and requirements, depending on the school or program.

“Getting Into NYC High-School” offers a step by step guide, a timeline, first-hand experiences from kids and parents who survived the process, and insider tips for families applying to:

* Specialized Public High-Schools
* Screened/Selective Public High-Schools
* Ed-Opt Public High-Schools
* Audition/Arts Public High-Schools
* Career & Technical Public High-Schools
* Unscreened Public High-Schools
* Hunter College High-School (with a 7th grade entry point)
* Charter High-Schools
* Independent Private High-Schools
* Religious Private High-Schools
* Special Needs High-Schools
* Homeschooling Options

“Getting Into NYC High-School” offers advice on how to rank your choices, how to prep for entrance exams, how to apply for financial aid, how to transfer and how to appeal your placement. It also includes links to all the forms and resources you need in order to research and apply to the school(s) of your choice.

As an e-book, “Getting Into NYC High-School” is updated every time there is a change to the admissions procedure, and includes a mailing list for parents and students to receive that news directly as soon as it happens. (With all the changes the Mayor is proposing, you need to be in the loop ASAP or you might be left behind!)

You can’t risk “Getting Into NYC High-School” without it!

About the Author:

Alina Adams is the author of the best-selling “Getting Into NYC Kindergarten” and a columnist for New York School Talk. She is a regular contributor to The Daily News, The New York Post, TODAY Show Parenting, Mommy Poppins, Kveller, Red Tricycle, Cafe Mom and The Education Post. Learn more at:

Alina believes there can be no true school choice until ALL parents know ALL their school choices - and the inside secrets of how to get them.

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About Author

Alina Adams

Alina Adams is the author of "Getting Into NYC Kindergarten" and "Getting Into NYC High-School." For her books, videos, blogs and more on navigating the NYC school system, visit:

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