6th Grader

  • Parent: Miriam Reyes
  • My City: New York, NY
  • Desired School Type: Either
  • My Neighborhood: Upper West Side

About Isaiah

Isaiah is a very bright child, full of energy, smiles and love for everyone. He is passionate about chess, he plays competitive chess with his school's chess team and it is the highlight of his day at school. Isaiah's other passions are shotokan karate and baseball (he plays 1st base & shortstop positions and is a lefty pitcher). He is also involved in our church's drama ministry and a youth worker in our Sunday School preschool classes. Isaiah is super friendly and loves social outings with friends as well as gaming.

Types of Mentor I am Seeking

I believe Isaiah will thrive with someone who is fun, shares some of his interests and has a kind personality.

My Top 3 Strengths

Kindness, respectful, gets along with others

Languages Spoken


Honor Classes



Chess Team Baseball Team


karate, baseball, chess, volunteering at church in Sunday School every 3rd Sunday and part of church drama ministry.